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HEY FELLOW LJ-ERS! I've been MIA lately, well, for 4 months due to a couple of reasons. First university, a new job, n' mckarate training has been taken up most of my time these days and secondly, because a while back my computer went a little craaazy & had to be re-formated which meant I lost everything, all my textures, ps layers, fonts and all that. Anyway, I have a few weeks holiday from uni now until Semester 2 starts so I'm hoping to post at least a couple new batches of icons. Thanks to those who have stuck around, and to the few new people who have added me!

happy 18th birthday
to char (miss_universe93 of _drivingblind icons (which i have
just noticed has a sexy new milo/peter banner *dies*)

loving you pretty girl!

other bits:
 - scriptfrenzy! (which i'm currently involved in with the aforementioned b'day girl char!)
 - maroon 5's new album! I wasn't a fan before but this album is awesomeness.
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