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mixed drinks to techno beats
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That Thing You Do, Velvet Goldmine, Garden State, Moulin Rouge,
Little Miss Sunshine, Big Fish, Brokeback Mountain, Blast From
The Past, Breakfast At Tiffany's, The 40 Year Old Virgin,
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

the office (us), queer as folk (us), NCIS, That 70's Show, Entourage.
Ugly Betty, Boston Legal

Ewan McGregor, Chris Pine, Paul Rudd, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jonathan Rhys
Meyers, Mark Ruffalo, Steve Carell, Scarlett Johansson, Adrian Grenier,
Robert Downey Jr, Gale Harold, Brendan Fraser

John Mayer, Snow Patrol, Mika, Ben Lee, Matchbox 20
Elvis Presley, The Killers, The Beach Boys, Thirsty Merc,
Eskimo Joe, Darren Hayes, Savage Garden, The Kooks,
Dashboard Confessional, Jason Mraz, Lo-Tel, End Of Fashion
The All-American Rejects, Maroon 5

oscar wilde, markus zusak, the picture of dorian gray, pride & prejudice, the messenger

carbon_paper, colorfilter, ireyah _joni,
teh_indy, ingenu0us myrasis, arisubox,
scarsonchest emoico and lovelamp
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